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Friday, February 27, 2009

We all need help

As a mother of four grown children, I struggled for years to raise my kids – often in abject poverty and sometimes with little to no child support. Raising four kids was difficult. I can't imagine raising more.

33-year old Nadya Suleman, with the help of assisted reproductive technology, gave birth to eight babies after having already given birth to six other children. Imagine fourteen children wandering around your home.

No question Nadya's decision to follow through with the implantation of 6 embryos was without thought or consideration. But now that her eight new babies are here, she needs help.

As do we all. 

Did we all plan on raising our children alone? Probably not, though I'm sure some, like Nadya, felt they could handle the responsibility. But hard times befall us all. We lose our jobs, we lose our patience, and sometimes we lose our minds. And though we sometimes hate to ask for it, help is all around us if we reach out our arms and hold on.

In this blog, I will impart a lifetime of wisdom garnered from my own trials and errors of raising four children alone.

It wouldn't be fair of me, however, to neglect mentioning all the help I received from my family, all of whom I dearly love, all of whom made life less stressful because of their help. Though I felt ashamed asking for help, I discovered I had to ask, because without their help, my children and I would have been living in even worse circumstances.

From daycare dilemmas to handling bill collectors, I will cover a gamut of problems I encountered, along with possible solutions in my future Help For Single Parents blogs. I hope it helps.

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