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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Development And How to Embarrass Your Prepubescent Daughter – Day #4 from the A-Z Challenge

Everyone knows that when a young girl reaches the age of 9, 10, or 11, she will begin to mature physically.

Parents expect little bumps to appear on their daughter's chests. My parents, however, expected the bumps to appear on both sides of my chest at the same time, and when only one bump appeared on one side of my chest, my parents took me to the doctor.

I don't fault them – I was their experiment child, their oldest daughter.

"What is wrong with her?" they asked the doctor as I sat naked on a table while the doctor carefully examined me. After several days (well, it felt that long), the doctor announced to my concerned parents that their oldest daughter was developing boobies.

Most parents would have thanked the doctor and left, because most parents would have noticed how uncomfortable their daughter was – sitting there in front of her whole family – naked (yes, my younger sisters were in the room with me, too, I think – I'm not really sure – because I was traumatized, all I remember is the utter embarrassment).

But no. Not my family. My family likes to extend torture. My parents thought that if they were paying this doctor to examine me and he was able to come up with a diagnosis that quickly they would have to get their money's worth, so they continued to ask questions and make comments and did everything in their power to prolong my agony.

"But it's on only one side!"

And I sat there thinking, "Great. I'm a lopsided prepubescent anomaly." Actually, I don't think any of those words were in my thoughts, but my fear was that I was possibly some type of alien.

Trying to assure my parents that I was not abnormal, the doctor said, "Most girls develop on one side only."

And so for those of you whose daughters develop little bumps on their chest, PLEASE don't bring them to the doctor when only one bump appears. It's NATURAL.

A side note: Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter, Brittney.

And that completes Day #4 from the A-Z Challenge. Brought to you by the letter, D.

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  1. Oh dear! I'm glad I didn't have to survive that bit of trauma.

  2. Experiment child--LOL! How mortifying. Glad I was girl #2!

  3. lol! getting boobies is embarassing enough! I'm glad my girls have passed through this stage.

    (I found you in the a-z challenge)

  4. LOL! How embarrassing. I will never do this to my girls.

  5. Oh my goodness! Funny now, but surely not a bit funny then. ;O)

  6. Yeeps. My mother bought a red plate that said "you are special today" and began a tradition that me (oldest) and three younger sisters all had to eat off it when we started our periods.
    The celebration of womanhood was...mortifying.
    I inherited the red plate. My kids experienced it on birthdays, which is, I believe,less traumatizing.

  7. That is definitely embarrassing! What did your daughter thing of this post?

  8. Gail, I don't know if any of my daughters have read this post yet, but thank you for asking. And thank you all for posting comments.

  9. LOL - cute story, unless you are the girl at the doctor. :)

  10. Hopefully most parents know these days that girls (and boys too) don't always develop at the same time on the left and the right. As long as things work out over time, nothing to worry about.

  11. When I started to develop.My mom took me out to by a training bra (okay I'm dating myself here). My Aunt had another idea. She bought me a black bikini. Then had me try it on, handed me a towel and sent me to the pool. Ever heard the song about the ittsy, bitsy, tiny, winy, yellow polka dot bikini. It could have been written about me that day. Luckily bright red doesn't clash with black.
    Pamela Jo


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