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Friday, October 2, 2009

Is Asthma Related To Colic or Acid Reflux

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I started researching the relationships between asthma and my other problems. I recently came across something I want to relate to you. And the reason I want to relate it to you is that I know many parents deal with colic or acid reflux.

As a baby I was what my mother termed, "colicky" which accounted for lots of sleepless nights for her. The term most people use today is acid reflux and I can't begin to count the number of people whose babies have suffered from this problem. One in particular had a grandchild who suffered so severely from acid reflux that he had to be hospitalized on numerous occasions.

Because babies who suffer from reflux (also known as GER or Gastro Esophageal Reflux) experience a myriad problems which include respiratory, wheezing, or pneumonia, does the possibility exist that they may also develop asthma? My asthma didn't begin until I was five years old. I still have it. I also continue to have gastrointestinal problems. Coincidence?

During my research I came across a website that offers an all-natural product called Colic Calm. If you click the link you can read more about the product. While I no longer have babies of my own living in my home, I would probably order a caseload of it for people like my mother who had to endure my endless hour-upon-hour cry-fests. My personal preference for any medication is to use an all-natural product, and this one would have been my choice in dealing with reflux.

This natural acid reflux remedy appears on a site that offers information about the causes and treatment of acid reflux. So if this problem applies to you, please read more about infant reflux and GER in babies and newborns by clicking any of the links posted in this blog.

My own personal opinion about the relationship between colic (or acid reflux) and asthma is that they are related. Had Colic Calm been available when I was an infant, I wonder if I would have ever developed asthma. I wish somebody would do a study on it (I wonder if it works on adults).

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