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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Do You Do In Your "Spare Time"?

Like most parents raising children alone, I worked constantly. When I wasn't working, taking care of the house, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, paying bills, going to school, taking care of other children, reading, writing, doing homework, or watching my favorite movies or television programs, I was crocheting. I  usually crocheted WHILE I watched TV, because I couldn't sit still.

Hobbies, like crocheting, are creative, filling time and providing a sense of accomplishment and – for me anyway – peace. Sudoku, iPhone games, and crocheting are all peaceful activities that soothe my mind.

LUCKILY I truly enjoy crocheting, because I vowed long ago that whenever a new baby was born into our family, I would crochet an afghan for our newest member.

However, when I made the decision to crochet afghans, I had no idea HOW MANY AFGHANS I would be making throughout my lifetime.

My oldest daughter, Keeley, was already born (in 1969) when I made the decision, but because I was making one for her new sister, Lindsey, in 1981, I made one for Keeley too. The following year, 1982, their brother, Greg, joined in, and two years later, 1984, Brittney joined our household.

Three years later, Keeley gave birth to her oldest daughter, Amanda, so in 1987, I was crocheting yet another afghan – this time for my first granddaughter.

Since that long ago day when Amanda first arrived, I have been crocheting almost nonstop: Sarah, Amanda's sister, was born in 1988,  followed by their brother, Travis, in 1992. Their brother, Wesley, was born in 1997.

Taylor,  Greg's daughter, was born in 2000. Jeremy, Keeley's youngest son, was born in 2001. Audrey, Brittney's oldest daughter, was born in 2004, while Kaden, Greg's oldest son, was born in 2005.

Then I had to step up my crocheting, because in 2007, I had to make 3 afghans: two for two of my grandsons, Nolan (Brittney's son) and Zac (Greg's son), and one for my first great grandchild, Ayla, who was Keeley's first granddaughter.

In 2008, I made one for my first great grandson, Billy (Keeley's oldest grandson), and this year, 2011, I made one for my newest great grandson, Colin (Keeley's youngest grandson), born today.

One more baby will join us this year. We don't have a name or a sex for him or her yet, but I'm already working on an afghan for my youngest daughter's newest baby. The afghan above may or may not go to that baby.

(The preceding blog was written as part of the Every Day Crochet's WIP Wednesday project. If you are a creative parent who would like to participate in Every Day Crochet's WIP {Work In Progress} Wednesday, please click the link.)

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  1. Beautiful blanket! I love the way you threw in the bits of color with the variegated too. Lucky baby, whoever it may be.

    Thanks for jumping on the WIP Wed train ... glad to have you aboard!


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