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Saturday, April 16, 2011

When Kids Tell All

The kids in my daycare used to tell me riotous stories about their parents that I'm sure their parents would have been humiliated to know I heard. I say riotous, because they were such private revelations.

Just so you know – I never delved into my daycare kids' personal lives – they just offered up the information.

At the end of my daycare day, I related events of the day to the parents, who would usually roll their eyes, shake their heads, and laugh. If I had told them the private information I heard, though, they would have been thoroughly mortified.

I have always been fascinated by thought processes and perceptions, especially when they come from children. Truth or fiction, what children think they hear or see, because they base their observations upon such limited experiences, while not always factual, are true to the child. And they haven't yet developed the censorship skills their parents might wish they had.

Growing up, a friend of mine, whose parents probably wished they could have censored before she left their home each morning, often related private scenarios that took place in her home.

My mom would say, "Kathie, don't you think your parents would get upset if they found out you were telling us everything they did and said?" and Kathie would politely respond, "They won't mind."

Though I really don't want to know EVERYTHING that occurs in the homes of my children, if I spend even a little time with my grandchildren, I find out more information than I ever wanted to know. Yes, I know – kids exaggerate and many times don't have the complete picture, but I find their comments hilarious and I marvel at their perceptions.

I am about to relate a story about one child who perceived a situation based on prior experience, but for reasons that will soon become apparent, I have to disguise the names and the sexes of the people about whom I'm going to exploit (I mean blog) so as not to give away the identity.

Yesterday, while Boopie was working on a school project, Boopie heard a siren outside. Boopie's mom had left minutes earlier to drive Boopie's sibling, Chooch, to school. Upon hearing the siren, Boopie's eyes popped wide open. Searching the streets for the source of the siren, these words erupted from Boopie's mouth, "Oh, no! I hope that's not my mom getting arrested. She already has 3 tickets!"

Gotta love those gran…I mean those generic people!

Photo above is of one of my grandchildren and it has nothing at all to do with this blog ;)

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