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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Good Old Days

Guest post written by Chris Akron

It's hard to believe that my wife and I have never gone up to the observation area at the top of the Empire State Building. People rag on us all the time for it, too. We've lived in New York for years and years, but the pace of everyday life can often times distract you from some of the things that are available around you. The other day, I visited hearing aid, and I decided that I would go home and finally order my wife and I two tickets to the top of the Empire State Building. I really don't know what took us so long, but my decision definitely led to a nice date for the two of us.

We got to finally go atop the building and see out over New York. It was really a special experience, and I'm glad we got to share it together after all these years. Being atop the Empire State Building made me think about our initial journey to the big city, as well as the incredible story that we have shared together. It doesn't get much better than nostalgia at it's finest!

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