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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cell Phones in the Toilet

Wesley on a better day!
Texting has become so proliferative that people are now texting EVERYWHERE, even while they are pottying. Yes, you heard me right. And guess what happens when you are a guy who texts while you pee?

You got it. PLOP!

Last week one of my grandsons gave one of my other grandsons his extra cell phone. The very next day, as he was standing in the bathroom (at least I think he was standing – I wasn't watching {Wesley's probably thinking, "Thank God"} so I'm not exactly sure HOW it happened), he dropped the phone in the toilet.

At first Wesley, like all of my children and grandchildren who are embarrassed by accidents that involve themselves, told me I was not allowed to blog about the event, but then yesterday I noticed he posted it on his Facebook account.

"HEY!" I told him, "you told me not to blog about this," to which he responded, "go ahead."

I just did.

But I'd like to add some advice for those of you who think you cannot live without reading your text the moment you receive it and who feel you have to text back immediately:

I shouldn't have to write this first admonition, because with all the media coverage about texting while driving you would think people would pay attention, but apparently it takes an accident or death for some people to understand the dangers of texting while driving.

I'll repeat it anyway: DO NOT TEXT WHILE YOU DRIVE!

In addition to being dangerous, texting can be a nuisance. I've noticed kids vying for their parents' attention while the parent is completely oblivious to their child's pleading because they are utterly devoted to and focused upon THE TEXT.

Kids discover they are allowed to speak only during the interim between TEXT SENT and TEXT RECEIVED. The best way to reach parents who text all day long is to borrow somebody else's phone and text Mom or Dad with a request to spend quality time with them.

If they don't respond, kids should throw the cell phones into the toilet. ;)

By the way, the remedy for drying a cell phone is to take it apart completely and let it air dry overnight (although I've heard the drying process could take up to 3 days). If that doesn't work, you'll need a new cell phone.

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