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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Human Spirit of Little Girl Lauren and Why We Need to Speak Up Against Abuse

When Dr. Phil aired a program on February 6, 2012, about the horrific abuse of a little girl who was kept in a closet when she wasn't being tortured and raped, my heart went out to that little girl (now 18). To have suffered so much torture from the time she was 2 – repeat – SO MUCH TORTURE, her vagina and rectum had to be reconstructed because they had been abused so badly, I couldn't help but wonder how she held on for so many years.

Could any of us have suffered that kind of extreme torment and come out as anything but violent ourselves? I'd like to think angels were watching over her. The story of Footprints in the Sand comes to mind, and I'd like to think God was carrying Laura through that period, lifting her out of her body so she didn't have to experience it.

Laura's stepfather and mother brought men home to abuse her while they watched. She was raped repeatedly by pimps and their clients. She was a little girl, made to sleep in a closet filled with lice, urine, and feces.

When she was discovered at the age of 8, after years of extreme abuse, she looked more like a 3-year-old (see above photo).

What kind of parent allows her child to live that way? What kind of mother or father allows men to rape a child, a baby? Barbara and Kenneth Atkinson are the types of parents who not only allow that type of torture but condone it. Barbara was the name of her abusive mother and Kenneth was her abusive stepfather. They are both now serving a mere 13 years in a penitentiary. 

The photos of Lauren were borrowed from the Dr. Phil website. If you missed that emotionally raw program, I invite you to click HERE to find out more about Lauren's experience.

And I would like to invite you to get You Are The Boss of Your Body, a free guide to preventing child sexual abuse. 

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