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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Before You Take Your Kids to the Movies…

SPOILER ALERT! Although the movie I'm about to mention is old, I do talk about the ending, so be prepared.

Movies were not something I could afford when my kids were young, so going to the movies was a special occasion for us. Finding the right movie that would appeal to all of us was difficult, though, because we had to find something that appealed to both boys and girls. 

So when the preview for My Girl (1991) appeared, I asked my three youngest children, who were 7, 8.5, and 10, if they wanted to see it. The preview looked so attractive, it prompted all of them to say yes.

I certainly did NOT want what happened when we watched Lord of the Flies (1990) to happen again. Even at the age of 6, my youngest daughter couldn't handle the bullying that Piggy endured and was inconsolable for hours. That movie affects her to this day and she's 29.

Previews for My Girl promised a family-friendly movie – I was NOT prepared to handle the repercussions after taking my kids to that movie. It should have come with a disclaimer or a warning. The scenes shown in the preview gave no indication whatsoever that parents would have to discuss such grave issues as death and loss. I walked out of that theater with 3 very unhappy children – not at all what I expected.

My tip? The next time you decide to take your kids to the movies, read reviews of the movies first.

If you would like to see the emotional movies, here are links to them.

Watch My Girl on Amazon for $2.99 (price as of May, 2013) 

Watch Lord of the Flies on Amazon for $2.99 (price as of May, 2013)

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