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Thursday, June 27, 2013

WHY DIdn't You Read the Label?

Repeat – WHY didn't you read the label? I  hear about so many kids dying because they used specific products – not because the company who created those products was neglectful, but because parents and caregivers DIDN'T READ THE LABEL!

Case in point: The Nap Nanny could not have made any clearer its directions to NEVER put the Nap Nanny anywhere but ON THE FLOOR. Five infant deaths resulted – NOT because the Nap Nanny was deficient in any way – but because caregivers IGNORED THE LABEL! Sadly, the item had to be recalled because people DIDN'T READ THE LABEL.

TOYS come with labels alerting parents to the potential dangers of giving certain toys to children under the age of 3 and yet people consistently give these toys to children, some of whom die because they used the toy. 

Whose fault is it? The company for making the toy or item or the parent or caregiver who DIDN'T READ THE LABEL?

WHY would you risk the life of a child? Did you think your child's death would never happen to YOU? It could! And it has.

Do yourself a favor – when you receive an item that comes with a label informing you of the proper way to use the product, PAY ATTENTION! You could be saving the life of a child and you could be saving yourself from years of guilt and torment. READ THE LABEL! 

But don't just read it – follow the instructions.

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