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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Punishment or Discipline?

Let's set something straight right from the beginning. Punishment ≠ Discipline! If you think spanking your children, beating your children, or sending your children to their room "for the rest of their lives" is teaching them positive reinforcement, you are wrong. So often, after learning new techniques in parenting, I've wished times had been different when I was raising my own children. Not that they turned out "bad" or anything – quite the opposite – despite my stupidity in knowing how to raise children, they all turned out to be loving, kind, and generous people and I'm proud of each of them. The only thing I think I did right was that I DEMONSTRATED my love for them. I didn't just say, "I love you." They all knew, without a doubt that I loved them.

But I was very unclear about how to discipline them and grew up in a PUNISH THEM environment. Is your daughter talking back to you? Scream at her. Is your son throwing his fist into the wall? Ground him for the entire school year. I've learned that punishment teaches a child NOTHING! Well, except maybe anger.

So what exactly is discipline and how can it be used effectively as a replacement for punishment? Read more HERE!

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