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Monday, January 25, 2016

Baby Item Recall – Has the Item You Purchased or Borrowed Been Recalled?

Whether you purchase your item from Craigslist, Facebook, some other online source, a garage sale, or you decide to borrow a used item for your baby, you’ll want to make sure the product is safe to use. 

The crib your grandma used for your mom and your uncles might have some sentimental value, and maybe thousands of babies slept in similar beds, but if even one baby died as a result of sleeping in a crib with too-wide slats, thank Grandma for the offer, but take a pass on allowing your infant to sleep in that crib. Maybe you can repurpose it.

Car seats, too, though they passed inspection when tested in factories, proved to be deadly outside the factory. ALWAYS CHECK THE SAFETY OF YOUR PURCHASE!

New parents expect manufactures to produce SAFE products. They expect manufacturers to understand that babies put everything into their mouths, and they can figure out how to slide through a high chair faster than an avalanche down a mountain. 

All new and all experienced parents should be concerned about the safety of their babies, their older children, and even themselves. Even the family car might have been recalled, and we owe it to ourselves and our families to check with the manufacturer to make sure the “great deal” we got is not going to kill us.

Every gift you receive for that new baby needs to have all safety features in place to guarantee safe use, though I wonder why new items that supposedly passed inspection in the factory ever landed on the recall list at all. New items are being added all the time. Pay attention to the manufacturer and keep up with the latest news about your product's safety.

The best resource for checking recalled products in the United States is the Consumer Product Safety Commission, where you’ll find information on the latest recalls and you can run a search for older recalled items. 

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  1. families to check with the manufacturer to make sure the “great deal” we got is not going to kill us.


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