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Friday, April 24, 2009

Inexpensive Stain Removal

First let me tell you what doesn't work (sadly, I must admit that I tried this method):

Never place your baby's stained t-shirt in a bowl of bleach overnight – unless of course, you want to see your baby's t-shirt hanging in strips. 

The stain removal method that always worked for me was something very simple. And it worked on every stain I tried. I got a bar of soap (Ivory, Dove, Caress – it didn't really matter what kind I used) and I placed a few drops of water directly onto the stain.

Then I took a pair of scissors and cut out the stain.

OK, I'm kidding. You don't need scissors.

Wet the soap and scrub it directly into the wet stain. Add more water until you can see the soap lather. Then take the stained item and rub the soapy stain briskly between your knuckles. Run the item under cold water and the stain should be gone. If it isn't, try the process again. 

This method worked on baby food, blood, and even spaghetti sauce. Word of caution, though: if the stain covers the entire outfit, you'll have to wet the whole thing.

Or – do what I did when my carpet got stained. I spread a mixture of chocolate and coffee all over it BEFORE I washed it.

Sorry – I'm in a silly mood today. Sounds like it would work though, doesn't it? But REALLY the soap worked! And, for a mother who had no money, it was CHEAP!


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