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Friday, April 17, 2009

Putting YOUR life on hold

I considered myself to be a devoted mother. In the back of my mind I KNEW I wanted to express myself as a writer, but the amount of time my kids required was extraordinary. Blogs didn't exist when they were growing up. Computers were in their infancy. Everything was pen and pencil scribbled on paper, or, eek - the dreaded typewriter.

When the kids grew up, THEN would I devote myself to (and live off my earnings by) writing. Of course, that didn't immediately happen and I'm still waiting to live the life I expect I will live by using my writing skills. But in the meantime, I blog and write articles as often as I can when I'm not caring for children.

Sometimes I whine in my wordpress blog about how invisible I am, about how nobody knows who I am, blah blah blah. But last night everything changed. Read about it here.

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