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Friday, July 24, 2009

Single by Divorce?

We are single parents for a variety of reasons. Maybe we were never married. Maybe our spouse died. Maybe we made the choice to be single. Or maybe we're divorced.

As we know, the consequences of divorce affect not only us, but also, and sometimes especially, our children. We know first-hand the pain and the anguish divorce causes US, but, because we are so focused on our own grief, we sometimes neglect to pay attention to the devastating effects divorce has on OUR CHILDREN.

Maybe your husband drank too much. Maybe your wife was a crack addict. But no matter what the problem was that led to your divorce, whether it was gambling, affairs, whatever, YOUR CHILDREN BLAME THEMSELVES for the divorce and everything related to the divorce. Your children look upon the dissolution of your marriage as THEIR responsibility. And they blame themselves COMPLETELY.

While we focus on ourselves and our problems, our children have nowhere to go but inside themselves where the blame becomes compounded and the sadness absorbs into every fiber of their being. With one parent gone, the health and safety of our children sits precariously in our hands. Are we capable of handling the problems that arise as a result of our decision to divorce their father or mother?

Fortunately help comes in a variety of forms, and as I discover more help for single parents, I will post what I find here. Today I would like to link you to a new DIVORCE BLOG. Click the link, read the posts, leave comments, and heal yourself and your children.

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