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Monday, August 31, 2009

Improve Your Child's Mind With These Two Sources

In our efforts to raise well-rounded children, one area we do not want to neglect in our children's development is their educational needs.

Today I offer two sources to help you provide more educational materials for your children.

The first source is a blog written by an author/educator. Who better to help increase your child's reading level than an author, a curriculum guide, and a teacher all wrapped up in one exceptional blogger? I just came across this blog written by Kate whose inaugural blog includes book recommendations that help children develop "Multiple Intelligences" -- spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and linguistic.

But Kate doesn't just provide lists of books for children to read; she also provides activities to help children develop those skills.

Expect more in the weeks to come from Kate Narita.

The next source I would like to recommend is a web site that offers various worksheets for children from preschool age to fifth grade. Print out math, English, and other pages for your children to work on every day as a supplement to what they're learning in school or as part of a home-school curriculum. My daughter-in-law uses this web site, and if you browse the site, you will agree that tlsbooks is a great help for parents and educators.

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