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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Books Your Tweenager Will Love – Another Lyn Lomasi Inspired Blog

As we all know, finding books that engage the interest of children who are not yet teenagers can be a daunting task. They're too young for some books and too old for others.

We want the books to be interesting, challenging, and educational. Now that school is out, we have to run searches ourselves, rely on our ability to locate a book list given to us by our child's former teacher, or enlist the help of others who have researched this topic for us.

Once again, I am going to mention one of my favorite article authors, one I have previously mentioned, Lyn Lomasi. She has investigated the book choices listed in her article AND she has the added advantage of raising children who actually read the books.

As a home school educator, Lyn Lomasi has chosen her favorite books for children who fall within that in-between a child and a teenager range, the tweenager. I invite you to read her article, Best Educational and Engaging Books for Tweens. Click the link to read her article.

When you hear the words, "I'm bored," drive your children to the library and choose the books she suggests in her article or click on the links provided in this blog.

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