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Friday, July 2, 2010

When a Baby is Born With Jaundice

I will never forget the day I drove for over an hour to get to the hospital where my daughter, Brittney, had just given birth to her first baby, Audrey. I was going to help out for a few days while her husband worked, and I was looking forward to spending time with my newest granddaughter.

I walked into the hospital room fully expecting to see my new granddaughter wrapped and ready to go. She had been born with jaundice and had already spent many hours beneath the bili-lights inside a plastic bubble. Because she spent so much time receiving treatment for jaundice, Brittney and Scott hadn't been able to spend much time with her.

On the day I drove down to help my daughter, I saw Brittney packing her bag, bent over the bed. When she saw me, she fell apart sobbing. The hospital wouldn't allow Audrey to leave without more exposure to the bili-lights.

A mother not allowed to walk out of the hospital with her baby is sad to watch. Brittney had no idea how jaundice would affect her new baby, how long Audrey would have to stay in the hospital, or how long she would be separated from the infant she carried inside her for nine months.

Recently, Associated Content sent notices to several writers asking them to write about How To Treat Jaundice In Newborns. I gladly accepted the assignment, and wish I had known more about jaundice when Audrey was born, because even going as far back as 1969 when my first daughter was born with jaundice, I never knew as much as I learned when I researched the article.

Doctors don't always explain treatment plans to parents. It helps to know ahead of time what to expect. If you are interested in knowing about How To Treat Jaundice In Newborns, click one of the links.

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  1. Your article will be helpful to many parents of newborns. Even those whose babies are not born with it need to know what to look for in case it happens. I remember worrying about each of my kids getting this. They never did, but that didn't stop the worrying. Excellent resource!


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