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Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Parents and Grandparents Should Blog

Grandchildren: Wesley, Travis, Sarah, Jeremy, Amanda

Grandchildren: Kaden, Audrey, Nolan, Taylor, Zac
Why should you blog?

If you are a parent or grandparent, chances are your (grand)children provide you with hours of entertainment. Wouldn't you just love to keep a record of all their observations, their antics, their conversations, and their artwork? You can. You can write a blog.

If you brag about your kids or grandkids to coworkers, friends, and other relatives, consider blogging about them. That way you'll have a record of every adorable thing your (grand)child has done or said.

Now that my children are grown, unless something triggers a memory or unless I run across a scrap of paper I wrote decades ago, I don't remember their cute and funny observations. I really wish blogging had been around when they were young so I could have recorded everything for other family members and friends to read.

What should you blog about?

Questions kids come up with could be the subject matter for a blog. Had blogs been around back in the 80s, I would have blogged about the day Lindsey asked me, "How does houses get there, Mommy?" I didn't understand her question, and after repeated attempts of trying to figure out where she was going with the question, she clarified her own statement – "You know, how does houses get there – do they grow?"

So I explained to her about how we plant house seeds…OK, I'm kidding, but I enjoyed her thinking and we discussed bricks, mortar, logs, and building things.

These days I have my grandchildren (when I'm with them or when their parents tell me something they've said or done) to blog about.

I don't have to share my blogs with the world (some of my kids wish I wouldn't share some of the things they do with anybody), but having a blog means your family members and friends can keep in touch with you by reading your blogs.

What should you call your blog?

Deciding to create a family blog means choosing a name for your blog that isn't already in use. One of mine, my family blog, is entitled, My Heart Blogs to You (see link below). That's the blog I use for discussing all the cute and funny things my grandchildren say and do, and, when I remember them, the cute and funny things my children said and did. 

Even today, my grown children find themselves in my blogs, though they admonish me for talking about them. I sometimes have to disguise them by calling them names like Beebeeshababa and Shalala. (Oops, did I just blog about something I wasn't supposed to blog about?)

Who will benefits from reading your blog?

Keeping a blog and sharing it with loved ones gives family and friends, especially those who live far away, a chance to feel they aren't missing anything.

You can upload photos, videos, and artwork, AND, if you're particularly savvy at coming up with an idea that LOTS of other people will want to read, you can make money from your blog.

How will you promote my blog?

One function of blogging I like is the interface between Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter. I can connect my blogs with Facebook through their Networked Blogs, and the blog I write in Blogger automatically appears as one of my posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Need help? Start with Set up an account and find friends you can follow and who might follow you. Find people who share your interests. Family and friends might be on Twitter as well.

Then set up a blog on Let them walk you through the steps. Their instructions are easy to read and understand, and they offer practical advice in setting up and making money from your blog. The most difficult part about setting up a blog is finding a name that hasn't already been used.

Then set up a Facebook account by going to, run a search for Networked Blogs, accept the application, and start blogging. It's really that simple.

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  1. I've already got the blogs, the twitter and facebook accounts -- but I don't know how to set it up so that they auto post. Hmmmmm.


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