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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Loving Your Pathetic Life

Life is a struggle for most of us, especially those of us who raise children without the support of a spouse. We especially feel that nagging feeling that we don't have enough and that we're not giving enough when it comes to the holidays. We get out our shopping list and see all the people on it. We see our kids' shopping lists and know that we can't afford those Skylanders or that Xbox or that Barbie doll house, and so we look further down the list hoping to find Pokemon cards or new crayons. And we become inventive – like getting the perfect container for those Pokemon cards or new sparkly markers.

We try to appeal to our children's creative sides by purchasing fun crafts our kids can create or build. And we learn to accept that we already have everything we need. As I write in my article, How to Love Your Pathetic Life, I feel fortunate to have everything I need to make life comfortable for me. I have, "a home, furniture, a car, a television, a laptop, a PS3, a wii, a stationary bicycle, weights, yarn, and crochet hooks." Yes, almost everything I own was given to me or purchased on sale, but I truly do have everything I need. And my biggest joy comes from spending time with my family and friends.

I also love making jewelry and crocheted items for others.

Just recently a couple of my kids asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Truthfully? Nothing! I want nothing. And then one of my daughters suggested a Hobby Lobby gift card, and I said, "Seriously, I don't want or need anything, but if you feel you have to give something, that's probably the best thing you can give."

So if you feel that your life is pathetic, look around. If you're reading this post you probably have kids and for that alone you should be grateful. I raised all of my kids with very little money. For years we lived below the poverty level, though they probably never knew that at the time, because I never made them feel poor. They are all grown now, and they still love me.

If your children feel loved, you have given enough. You have given more than enough. Love is everything. But if you're still feeling sad about not being able to give enough this Christmas, please read, How to Love Your Pathetic Life.

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