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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Early Childhood Educational Resources

For stay-at-home parents, early childhood educators, and day care providers, here are links to three early childhood educational resources.

The first one is through The U.S. Department of Education. It lists grant opportunities, initiatives, educational programs, resources for parents and educators, and provides the tools necessary for raising educationally sound children.

With links to college (federal student aid) and other resources, the site is in desperate need of some updating as many of the links don't work. But some of the more valuable links do work and they are worth checking out, especially if you want a heads-up on what to expect if you plan on sending your child to college.

This next link, while educational, is also fun for your young children. Enchanted Learning includes a printable picture dictionary, templates for tracing and coloring (including the alphabet), online books, games, crafts, and activities. They charge a $20 yearly fee, but I don't understand the fee, because I could access everything for free.

The subscription allows you to access everything without the interruption of banner ads. But banner ads don't bother me. Enchanted Learning also offer site licenses to educational facilities, including child care facilities, but again, I don't understand why they ask for the subscription fee when you can access everything for free. Maybe that will change in the future.

The Idea Box appears to be seasonally motivated with lists of holidays, crafts, and games geared toward whatever month you visit. As this is November, for instance, The Idea Box includes a Stuff the Turkey game and a Turkey Pokey song. It also includes kid friendly recipes along with crafts and other fun activities. The only things missing, as far as I'm concerned, are pictures of finished products. I like to see a project before beginning it. But, all in all, it's a fun site worth exploring.

And don't forget tsl books (which I discuss in a previous post), a great educational tool, because it provides worksheets for your child.

As I discover more learning tools that help the single (and not so single) parent, I will post them here.

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