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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are You At Risk For Identity Theft? Here's Valuable Identity Theft Protection Information.


Anybody who has a credit card, anybody who shops outside her home, anybody who shops from inside her home, and anybody who connects with another human being is at risk for identity theft.

Purchasing a product online puts you at risk. Showing your credit card to a merchant puts you at risk. Being out in public puts you at risk. Something as simple as setting your purse on the floor of a restaurant puts you at risk.

My sister shopped at a mall several years ago and placed her purse under the table by her feet. Beneath the floor and next to her, a lower level within easy reach harbored a thief who reached into her purse and stole her credit cards. She continued to dine, and it wasn't until hours later that she discovered the missing cards.

By the time she noticed her cards had been stolen, the thief had racked up thousands of dollars worth of purchases in HER NAME. What she had to go through to rectify the problem took hours out of her life, but fortunately no money out of her pocket. She was protected.

A woman who worked with me at the newspaper had her identity stolen as well – when she went on vacation. Not until a month later, when her credit card bill came in the mail, did she realize how her identity had been stolen.

Thieves don't need the actual cards in their possession for transactions to take place in your name. Thieves have become very resourceful over the years.

When your identity is stolen from you and you have no protection, another person with YOUR name, YOUR birth date, and a YOUR address and phone number uses YOUR information to furnish THEIR homes, to purchase new vehicles, and to adorn themselves with jewels. The law finds it difficult to process a phantom; they think YOU made the purchases.

And when you are already bogged down with work and caring for your home and your children, having to put aside time to deal with something somebody else has forced you to handle can be frustrating and unsettling. You don't need the extra worry.

Identity fraud is on the rise and will continue to be on the rise. The only way to prevent this type of loss is with identity theft protection. And one company that will help you to protect yourself is IdentityHawk.

Please click the link to read more. Find out how vulnerable you are to identity theft, learn how to protect yourself from potential threats of having your identity stolen, and find out how you can receive alerts any time anybody uses your name fraudulently.

To be "Ever vigilant," as IdentityHawk notes under they logo, you must protect, not only your assets, but also your good name.  

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