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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nursing Scrubs For My Nursing Buds

Probably one of the best professions for single parents to undertake, if they are at all inclined, is nursing. By nature, parents are nurturing and already provide medical attention to their children with kisses and bandages, not to mention trips to the doctor. So it would seem that nursing might be an easy transition.

As a child, I thought nursing was one of my only career options, alongside motherhood and being a teacher or a nun.

But I soon learned that not all parents are cut out to be nurses. I, for one, cannot stand the smell of vomit or blood. (So if any vampires are cruising this blog, back off.)

Anyway, my children learned long before they could talk or crawl, how to use a bucket, and I always had a heaping supply of bandages, gauze, ointments, and thermometers nearby.

One of my sisters, whose stomach is made of iron, chose the nursing profession for herself. I chose design, babysitting, and writing. She owns two homes. I live in a tin can.

Kathy can handle medical issues that would make my skin crawl and can watch with fascination surgical procedures that would cause me to pass out. The fact that anybody can pass an Anatomy and Physiology class is a monumental accomplishment all by itself. Becoming a nurse is – well, I have no words for how difficult a process nursing would be for me.

From what I've seen, nursing is a grueling profession that requires LONG working hours from its professionals. But nursing is also a profession that promises a never-ending supply of jobs. Look in any newspaper or at any online source and you will find hospitals and doctors' offices crying for nurses.

The only benefit I can see for myself are the nursing scrubs. I could wear them. They look comfortable and I would never again have to worry about coordinating another outfit. (My fashion skills were never fully developed.)

Nursing uniforms, or scrubs (great program, by the way) have really changed over the years. They used to look very generic and bland. Now they come in an assortment of colors and designs.

Nursing scrubs, scrubs pants, scrubs tops, and, well, scrubs clothing in general are a must-have for anyone in the nursing profession. Comfortable clothing? I could wear them every day. I honestly could have become a nurse – just to wear the uniform – if I could have found somebody else to handle the vomit and blood.

Imagine coming to my home. I open the door, and there I am wearing my nursing uniform, looking not only cute and comfy, but also professional.

Hmm… Where to buy cheap scrubs? (And by cheap I mean inexpensive, not of inferior quality.) Well, for my nurse sister and for all my nursing friends, I offer a web site that allows you to purchase nursing scrubs: Blue Sky Scrubs.

Whether you need scrubs tops, scrubs pants, or nursing uniforms of any kind, click any of the links in this blog and they will take you to some very nice scrubs.

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