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Sunday, March 27, 2011

How To Retrieve a Wedding Ring From a Drain Without Calling a Plumber

As this is a blog for single parents, dropping a wedding ring down the drain might not have been a great title, but because married couples of children experience the same problem, too, I didn't want to exclude them.

I got another worthy-of-forwarding email from my mother the other day. In the email is the statement, "This is one of those tips you wish you had known about BEFORE you took the sink apart and called the plumber!!!!!"

When I read those words, I congratulated myself for already knowing how to retrieve a wedding ring from a drain. Of course, it wasn't a wedding ring I dropped, but something equally important.

Through my own innovative imagination, I discovered a way to retrieve items from the drain that worked every time I dropped something down the drain (well – after THIS INCIDENT anyway).

I'm sure my children and grandchildren are not the only ones who have experienced the surprise and fear that accompanies  items previously held in hands as they watch those items disappear down drains. Dropped-down-the-drain scenarios have played out in every one of my dwellings numerous times over the years.

Having never been in a position to afford a plumber and not wanting to force my father to drive several miles every time one of my children or grandchildren dropped something down a drain, I forced myself to come up with a solution.

Curious about whether or not my idea was the same as the one presented in the video, I watched the linked video, already anticipating the advice to be the same as the idea I devised.

While I wasn't EXACTLY right, I was close – very close. And although my idea worked for me every time I tried it, I never realized, until I watched this video, the danger I was putting myself in by doing it the way I was doing it.

I really wish I had known about this tip back when my oldest daughter decided to wash three pairs of contact lenses down the drain.

If you or one of your children accidentally (or on purpose) drops something down the drain, click THIS LINK to find out how to properly retrieve items from a drain. 

(If you can't ascertain, after viewing the video, what my method for removing items from a drain might have been, feel free to leave a comment.)

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  1. Sounds intriguing - but I can't view the video - any chance of you writing down what to do / what you do? I've got a little one at home that hasn't yet discovered the drains, but one day might ...

  2. To find the video, click THIS LINK listed above or copy and paste into your url.


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