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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jobs, Careers, Law, and the Single Parent

While finding a job is a problem for many people, the single parent, responsible for him- or herself and at least one other human being, is hit particularly hard. 

My first job as a single parent was working for an insurance firm. It didn't take long for me to determine that after the federal and state took out their hefty taxes, I couldn't survive. I quickly learned how to budget. 

When we are young, as I was then, we sometimes forget to include ALL expenses in a budget – mortgage, rent, heat, electricity, water, sewer, garbage, car payments, auto insurance, gas for our cars, parking fees, health insurance, home owners or rental insurance, taxes, and credit card fees. AND savings, gifts, and extras. What if you are invited to three weddings in one year?  

Knowing your budgets allows you to find your "perfect" job. That's what I thought I had until I realized I was working for a pervert. Fortunately employers today are more careful about sexual harassment – they can be sued. Still, some employers cross the line from light teasing to sexual harassment. You can – and should – report those crimes.

Eventually I searched for Pervert. He had moved. I would have needed a California criminal lawyer if I had wanted to prosecute him. And he would have needed a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. It wouldn't have been difficult for him – he was a lawyer too. Unfortunately I found him through his obituary.

My best advice? Speak to a financial counselor at your local college about grants, loans, scholarships, a CAREER, and your future. Year after year, scholarships go unused either because students don't ask about them or take the time to write the essays required of them. Scholarships are FREE MONEY! Use them and change your life! 

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