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Friday, January 6, 2012

Where People Go When They Die

As we sat outside the grammar school where my grandson, Kaden, attends school, I talked to his younger brother, Zac (4) about some very important (and some not so important) issues.

I love conversing with kids and hearing their responses. So yesterday, when Zac and I were in the car, I asked him where he thought people went when they died.

His immediate response was, "A garden."

I thought about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden and about what a beautiful place that would be. As I was imagining that perfect garden, Zac added, "A zombie garden."

Hmm. Not the kind of garden I imagined and, as I usually do when kids come up with funny responses, I laughed. "A zombie garden? What's a zombie garden?"

"You know, where they grow dirt and they don't do ANYTHING?"

"Well, it sounds kind of boring to me, Zac."

And Zac responded, "Yeah, it sucks when you die."

(Everybody thinks I'm crazy for watching my grandchildren as often as I do, but I would miss out on these conversations if I didn't spend so much time with them, and they give me such great blog material ;)

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  1. Theresa, have you kept track of how many articles you have written? Your work is great, and prolific too, I couldn't guess how many you have done! Impressive!

  2. Thank you, Anonymous! I really appreciate your comment.


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