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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AMBER ALERT- Reachelle Smith

While this post is intended for all parents, not just for single parents, I am doing my part in spreading the word about this precious little girl after reading about it from Donald Pennington's Article. She has been missing for 3 years.

I just joined a FaceBook group that promises to spread the word about finding Reachelle Smith. Like many people, I checked with to verify the Amber Alert's validity. It is absolutely and sadly true.

What you are looking at is a photo of Reachelle Smith when she was only 3 years old. Please read about her at any of the links I've provided and, if you know of her whereabouts, contact your local police department.

As John Walsh always says, "You CAN make a difference."


  1. The group is at h t t p etc w and w and w ."" - please come and join the group.

    Philippa Isted (Admin of that group}

  2. I am already a part of that group. I invite anybody who happens to read this blog to join the group too in the hopes of bringing this little girl home.


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