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Thursday, June 11, 2009

If you HATE house cleaning, read on...

One of my least favorite tasks is cleaning house. Not only did I (and do I) despise the job, I find absolutely NO TIME to devote to it. Carving out time from an already busy schedule to do something I absolutely and unequivocally hate, hate, hate, caused me to create house cleaning games to make the job more appealing. 

I still hate the job. But now it's a little more enjoyable. And if my kids were still little, I would have them play these games with me. For my daycare kids, I occasionally use the five-minute timer approach (when they argue about cleaning up and the weather is uncooperative, so this doesn't work: "Let's hurry up and clean the play room, so we can go outside and play.").

I used to have my kids help me organize socks ("Let's play the Sock Match game!") when they were little – until they got to the age when they realized that sorting socks was work.

Eventually, everything once again becomes Mom's or Dad's job, but scheduling time to clean your home might sometimes be nearly impossible. Read these tips on HOW TO MAKE CLEANING HOUSE FUN.

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